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Freedom College

Easing the lives of students | Tuition Free Online and Distant Courses

Easing the lives of students


Degree Programmes

Freedom College currently offers master’s and bachelor’s programmes in business studies.

Diploma Programmes

Freedom College currently offers diploma programmes in business studies.

Certificate Programmes

Freedom College offers a wide collection of certificate programmes for students who would like to gain knowledge in a relevant field.

What our customers say

This seller is knowledgeable regarding what’s being offered. The seller responds back in a reasonable period of time. The seller is professional in the manner in which he conducts his business.

― Educator from USA

Great offer of the material, exactly what I was looking for.

― NGO Officer from Lesotho

About Us

This is the official blog site of Freedom College an educational startup based in Sri Lanka: providing tuition free online and distant undergraduate, postgraduate and tertiary courses.